At BePierced, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do, we spend a lot of time researching new methods, materials and piercings. We put a lot of time and care into sourcing equipment from suppliers with the very best standard. We are priced competitively and still ensure that we do everything to the very best of our ability.

We know that others do cut corners to make a higher margin and we see the affects these cut corners have on peoples mental health, physical health, their confidence and self esteem.

We are always here to help anyone who needs support, guidence or advice, no matter where you got your piercing or tattoo. Our advice is free and we will make time to sit down with you, listen to your concerns and issues and give you advice which is specifically for you and your situation. We have found a lot of customers through these bad situations and we gained a new one just a few weeks back.

The image you see above is the jewellery that I had the pleasure of removing from a young lads ear just a few weeks ago. Unbelievably, this was the piece of jewellery that had been used to pierce the lads ear, in a gun of course. If you’re not sure why piercing with guns is unsafe, check out the blog post we wrote on it in January.

The parent who accompanied her son had specifically requested a titanium stud, knowing this was the best and safest option, however, upon inspection I had to tell her that it was (at an educated guess) stainless steel at the top and brass through the rest, the latter had already started to rust in his ear.

Fortunately, it had only been in a couple of weeks so the damage was very minimal but it wouldn’t have been much longer before things started to heat up back there – I was able to show the parent, once the back was removed, howthe back of his ear was starting to become ‘chewed up’ so he was very fortunate to have been seen before things progressed.

As if the poor quality jewellery and unsafe piercing method was not enough, the bar was dangerously short and did not have enough length to allow for swelling. Using a stud without this additional length can cause serious problems which if untreated scar for life or even cause death through sepsis.

If you have had a peircing go wrong, please don’t be worried about coming in to see us, we will get you sorted and on your way in no time, but please never ignore your gut instincts, if it doesn’t look or feel right, pop in, even if only for a bit of reassurance, and please always research your piercer before you pop in. Ask friends, check their socials and google reviews and if you’re not happy with the cleanliness, quality of jewellery, methods or anything at all, just walk out.

Be safe guys!